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    object dimmension for tracking


      Excuse me,

      I've read several INTEL papers like these

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      Can the SR300 or ZR300 detect and track an object that measures less than 1cm in length and width?


      But no clear specification was found


      Will realsense SDK allow a camera to track Slim objects? (like a motorbike from the air)

      Is there any dimensions table? i.e.  at 180 cm from target, mínimum dimensions wil be yyy x zzz cm, and the máximum will be uuuu x tttt cm




      kind regards

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          The D435 camera will likely be the best fit for a project involving motorbike tracking, as the camera was designed with drones and autonomous vehicles in mind and has a new vision chip for advanced, rapid depth data processing capabilities.  The D435 also has a wide field of view (FOV and a larger sensing range than previous RealSense cameras.


          You may also be interested in a 3D-printable project for R200-based Aero drones that enables a camera to be mounted facing down towards the ground.


          Downward Facing RealSense Camera

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            Hi carlosrm,


            What kind of range from the object are we talking about here?

            The R200 based cameras such as SR300 and ZR300 work for medium range, and it sounds like you're talking about 15+ meters away.

            In that case, you might be better off with object detection for a monocular (fisheye or RGB) camera.

            And in that case, it's a matter of how well the object stands out from the environment you are filming it in.

            Hope that helps,



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