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    My NUC5i7RYH goes blank for no reason and then does not power on


      I've been using this Intel NUC for 2 years without any issues. This issue started 3 days ago.


      The display suddenly goes blank. My monitor complains that there is no HDMI cable connected. The NUC's blue power button continues to stay on - I can hear the fan. The unit does not seem to be overheating. I cannot shut it down (by pressing the power button for a few seconds). I have to switch the power off manually. Once done, the NUC unit does not power back on for a few hours (over night).


      Initially, I thought it was an issue with the memory, so I purchased a new one. However, I still have this issue after installing the new memory.


      Few things off the top of my head.


      1. The issue does not seem to be based on what application was being run when it happens.


      2. The issue seems to happen after the computer is on for 8 to 10 hours. (It has always happened at night time)


      3. After this happens, I am unable to restart the unit for quite a few hours. (It has always started up the next morning)


      I've attached my system information based on the SSU.exe utility.  I'm happy to provide any other information if needed.


      Thanks for your help.