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    Intel BT chipset doesn't work with Airpod


      Hi there,

      My dell latitude laptop has Intel AC-7260 Bluetooth chipset. I have installed the latest driver version

      I have trouble make my Apple Airpods connect and work with it. The Bluetooth lists the Airpod and can find it, but can't connect to it and play audio over it. It can't list the BT services by the Airpods.

      Can you help with this?

      The Airpod is using standard Bluetooth and Audio and it doesn't depend on the device being Apple.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello aarash,


          We understand you're having issues paring your AirPods* to your computer using the Bluetooth® module in your Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260.


          Please bear in mind that the 7260 adapter uses Bluetooth® 4.0.


          - Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260: Product Brief


          Bluetooth® is backward compatible. However, your adapter would need to use a newer BT revision than your headphones for this to work, not the other way around.


          I tried to find information online in regards to which revision is used on your AirPods*, but was unable to find any official data. The majority of pages point towards either Bluetooth® 4.1 or 4.2.


          Our main recommendation in this case will be to engage Apple* in order to confirm which Bluetooth® revision is used in their device.

          Your computer manufacturer can customize drivers and software to enable or alter features, or provide improved operation on your computer.


          We strongly recommend that you stay up to date with the latest Windows* Updates. Ensure you have all of the latest Bluetooth-related patches and fixes from Microsoft*.


          You may contact the manufacturer for the latest updates and technical support information. If you can no longer get driver support from your computer manufacturer, you can download our latest generic Intel® drivers for your OS:


          - Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® for Windows® 10
          - Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® for Windows 8.1*
          - Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® for Windows 7*


          Best regards,
          Carlos A.