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    driver version HD 530 Display Error



      I want to make Intel aware of an issue our office is having with an updated driver for integrated graphics on the i5 6th Gen system using an HD 530 GPU. Our systems (total of 8) that are using this platform have been experiencing Display Errors identical to the one displayed in this thread here Intel HD 530 Latest Driver Issue .


      Yesterday I rolled back the drivers to the Dell supplied driver download as recommend in the same thread. driver version HOWEVER, Windows 10 keeps updating the driver automatically... even if I select "NO" in the "Device Installation Settings" under "System Properties" for the answer to "Do I Want To Automatically Download Manufacturers Apps...".


      This is a HUGE problem. Windows 10 decided that it is going to update a driver from 8/13 on 10/11 and will not take NO for an answer!


      Again, we have 8 Dell Inspiron 3650's and 2 Dell Inspiron 3250's that are affected. All running the 6th Gen i5 6400 platform.