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    NUC7i5bnh has no audio on HDMI under Centos 7


      I apologize if this is a repeat, I am new to your discussion group.


      I have an NUC7i5bnh, which is running Centos 7 and I don't have any sound.


      I sometimes get a short pop when I do one of the two speakers.


      My NUC goes through an IOGear HDMI KVM switch to an Acer monitor and my speakers are plugged into the monitor.


      When I switch to the other PC on the KVM, there is sound.


      My next test is to switch the 2 PCs, in case the KVM is bad; but I wanted to get this question out there.



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          I just tried switching the 2 sets of leads from the KVM, to ensure I didn't have a bad cable.


          Results, no change.


          There is a pop when I touch the Test Left; but the audio never comes through.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello JLGull,


            Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC community. I am sorry to hear you are having audio issues.


            Have you checked if you are running all the appropriate drivers for your operating system? I just wanted to let you know that the support for Centos 7 is very limited, in fact the drivers available for this Intel® NUC model are intended for Windows® 10 which is the official supported operating system. We do know that a lot of users are successfully using Linux distro's on their units, and we would recommend checking the Linux forum for peer to peer assistance on this matter, see the community here: CentOS - Index page.

            One more thing I would recommend regarding your configuration is the use of straight connections, KVM's are out of our scope since these are considered adapters that distort the correct connections between the components.


            If you have more questions, please let us know.



            Amy C.