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    Intel HD Graphics 520 - Driver version Resume from sleep display corruption Issue




      I have been having issues with various recent Intel HD graphics 520 drivers.


      Steps to reproduce Issue:


      1. Allow laptop to go into sleep (S3) automatically or by selecting sleep

      2. Resume laptop

      3. Display is corrupted - no image but vertical lines and a block (that I assume is the cursor)

      This bug is 100% reproducible with the following Intel HD Graphics 520 drivers -


      1. 15.4702.4815

      2. 15.4605.4771


      It does not happen when I roll back the driver to an older version


      Laptop Make & Model: Acer Aspire R5-471T


      Appreciate any ideas on how to resolve this issue so that I can use the latest graphics drivers.


      Am attaching the Intel Graphics driver report as well.