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    Genuine Intel X550 but Yottamark MAC wrong?




      I recently purchased an Intel X550-T2 Network Adapter from a large online vendor based in City of Industry, CA.  The network card was sold by the online vendor themself, not a marketplace vendor.


      I know that counterfeit cards are a real problem and I want to do the utmost to make certain my card is genuine.  I was excited to find the YottaMark on the back of the card.  I loaded up verify.yottamark.com, put in my code, and the code validates as valid.  It also points to the correct product type, correct manufacturing date, correct product name, and correct PBA number.  Unfortunately, the MAC address on the YottaMark page and the MAC address printed on the box/card label differ.


      Should I consider the card counterfeit and return it?  I assume the MAC addresses should match between the actual card and YottaMark or is there some known issue with this?


      Other than the MAC mismatch, the card looks very good.  The PulseJacks look laser etched, etc.


      What is the best way to validate I have a genuine card?  How big of a problem is the mis-matched MAC address?