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    is DH55TC compatible with gigabyte HD 7970?



      I bought a video card gigabyte HD 7070, when installing in the motherboard DH55TC not work the video.



      My configuration is:

      Motherboard DH55TC

      i3 proccessor

      4gb Ram

      Power supply 600w 80plus.




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          Al Hill

          Compatibility is a relative term.  The motherboard supports PCIe 2.0, the video card is PCIe 3.0 and will claim backward compatibility. 


          The motherboard was made 8 years ago and did not know what the future held.  Intel® Desktop Board DH55TC Product Specifications


          I would suggest a firmware update to the video card, if one is available that addresses PCIe 2.0 compatibility.


          Otherwise, look for a card that is truly backward compatible.


          My personal opinion is, if you have a nice, new graphics card, get a nice, new motherboard.  Otherwise, you will be operating in a degraded mode with PCIe 2.0.