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    Intel S5000PSL - this thread is a question!


      Hi there,

      Two questions regarding this board.


      1) What's the warranty on it ? I suspect it's 3 years. It was bought in Dec 2007/Jan 2008.


      2) Second question is, we run a Windows 2003 Small Business Server with exchange 2003 on this board, and an intel chassis. We have had the same problem where the server just restarts (by itself) and hangs for no apparent reason, since it was installed. The event logs aren't helpful as it does not give an indication of the error.


      Here's the thing. We ran raid 5 on this server with this board, for about 22 months, before we had to redo the server completely. Before we had to redo it, the server every now and again would hang on restart.


      After the redo, we ran raid 0 where we would run the main hdd (which was newly used in the server) on it's own (plugged directly into the motherboard), and the scsi drives are plugged into the scsi controllers.


      Then up until now, the server would also just restart on it's own for no reason, it also happens now and again.


      My question is, what could be causing this ?

      I'm thinking of doing a complete motherboard replacement to fix this, since it's not cannot be a software issue and not a hdd issue.


      Any help would be great, thanks.