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    i5-6600 speed stuck from 0.76 - 0.79 ghz


      Hi everyone,


      I'm using an i5-6600 and MSI H170 gaming m3.

      Sometimes, my CPU speed got stuck at 0.76 ~ 0.79 GHz. I observed this speed through Windows Task Manager.

      It happens randomly, while I'm playing game or even when I've just booted the PC, like this time. The PC is slowed down so much that even surfing the web is difficult.

      I've tried to update all the driver, check the temperature, which is normal: around 40 deg with maximum < 70 deg under heavy load. I've even reapplied thermal paste. But it doesn't work.


      When this happens, Intel processor identification utility shows the reported speed is 0.79 GHz while the expected speed is 3.30 GHz.

      But running Intel processor diagnostic tool shows everything is pass. Even though while the tool is running, I can see the speed doesn't pass the 0.79 GHz threshold.

      I'll attach the full log in this post.


      The worst thing is that it doesn't fail completely, but comeback to works normally after a while (a few minutes or hours).

      By the time I finished this post, CPU speed has come back to normal, Intel processor identification utility is now showing the reported speed at 3.59 Ghz.


      Does anyone have any idea on what may go wrong? Is there anything else I can check?