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    Intel HD 530, Windows 10 1703 - Netflix problem




      I recently update driver to ver .
      In that version Netflix stop working on Microsoft Egde browser and Neflix app.

      Roll back to ver solve this problem.

      But in this version system is not waking up from sleep...


      Why all drivers for Skylake processors are somehow broken...


      Thanks for any help/sugestions,

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello pluri,

          Thank you for reaching the Intel Communities.

          I understand you are facing some troubles with the system you have, and for sure I can certainly check on the problem and proceed with a possible solution or find the source.

          Let me gather up some data to have a better understanding of the scenario faced:

          • Attach the dxdiag report (how to get it, below)
          • What is the problem faced with Netflix? Please further elaborate
          • If possible, provide screenshots of the problem
          • Are you using the latest version of the app?
          • Have you tested different versions? (If available)



          How to get the dxdiag report?


          1. Press the windows key + r
          2. Type dxdiag in the window that appears and hit ok
          3. Look for the button "Save All Information" it will create the dxdiag.txt file
          4. Attach the dxdiag.txt file to your answer




          Esteban C