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    Not able to stream video using 8MP and VGA cameras




      I was referring this link: GitHub - intel-aero/sample-apps: This repository will contain source code for sample applications  to capture images from 8MP and VGA camera. But I was not able to capture images through these cameras. Instead the images captured were from RealSense camera. I have run dmesg | grep ov8858 and dmesg | grep ov7251 to ensure that both cameras are detected properly.

      By running the program, I am able to get images captured like this:

      root@intel-aero:~# C=10 INPUT=0 MODE=PREVIEW ./capture_examples --userp -d /dev/video2

      Preview mode: 640x480, yuv420.

      m_width 640, m_height 480, m_sizeimage 462848, m_padded_width:640, bytesperline 640

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-0.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-1.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-2.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-3.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-4.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-5.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-6.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-7.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-8.yuyv

      Saving file: Image-video2-640x480-9.yuyv

      Preview: Time=337.922000ms FPS=29.592628

      But these images are of 0 bytes size. That means the camera is not working. If I run the same program giving the port number of real sense camera, then it works fine and I am able to stream the video using gstreamer.

      Please help how to use this ov7251 and ov8858 cameras properly.


      Thanks & Regards,