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    Is there a Linux utility to show iGPU information?




      I'm looking for a utility to use in a Linux environment to gather some information about the integrated graphics on the Intel Core i7 4700EQ processor. I've been digging around, but so far no luck.


      I'd prefer some sort of command line option, if available.


      Some of the information that I'm looking for includes:


      • GPU Model Name
      • GPU Serial #
      • VBIOS Version
      • Inforom Version
      • Temperature (in degrees)
      • Fan Speed
      • Max GPU Memory
      • Memory Utilization
      • GPU Utilization


      I'm aware of the intel_gpu_top command for the GPU utilization, but was looking for a utility to provide more general usage data. I am also aware of using the lspci command to gather model information, but this just spits out "Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller". I wasn't sure if there was a utility to display the actual model of the iGPU (i.e. Intel Graphics HD 4600).


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® communities. We will do our best in order to provide the information you are requesting.

          Just to let you know, the tests done by Intel on our products were done using Windows as operating system, all the drivers and utilities that you can find in our web site are related to that software:

          In this case, in order to try to find the utility you are looking we recommend to get in contact directly with the manufacturer of the computer or to visit the Linux forums:

          Additionally, as an option you can always submit your inquiry on the link below for peer to peer assistance in regard to Linux, the web site provides drivers for that operating system but you might find useful information on this matter in there:

          I also encourage all the peers viewing this forum that if they have more suggestions or feedback on this matter to post all the comments on this thread.

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R