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    GCC toolchain for Intel Atom X3-C3200




      I'm using the sofia 3gr intel atom x3 c3200 based Telit HE922 evaluation board. I'm using the Yocto linux to develop mu application in C.

      As per yocto user guide, i can able to setup and build the yocto image for that eval board under my Ubuntu 14.04 host machine.

      Now I need to compile my C source code for the same platform and I need a yocto GCC toolchain to compile. Can anyone please guide us on how to setup and compile my C code for the same X3-c3200 processor.


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          Hello nirajsingh,

          Thank you for contacting Intel® technical support.  I will be more than happy to help you.

          I understand that you are looking for guidance on how to compile C code with the Intel Atom® x3-C3200RK processor and Yocto*.

          In this case, we would suggest you to contact directly the Yocto Project community, which is available via mailing lists and IRC channels.  You can check their contact information in the next link: https://www.yoctoproject.org/tools-resources/community

          Please be aware that the content on that site is not controlled by Intel®.  This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel® for the merchants or services offered there.


          Xavier A.