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    Intel iGpu + Windows 10 CU + Magnifier issue




      I'm having issues with my 630 igpu (i5 7500) with any graphics driver version + Windows 10 Creators Update (all Windows updates installed). When using the Windows Magnifier + inverted colors in browsers with hardware acceleration (eg. Chrome and Opera), Microsoft Word 2016 etc., moving the mouse pointer to the Windows taskbar (and randomly in other areas) temporarily disables color inversion. I've managed to "fix" it by disabling hardware acceleration in those browsers, but I believe it's worth investigating as to why this happens.

      A similar issue also affects the Windows Media Player (see pic) - when the mouse cursor is over the video, only a certain part has inverted colors, and not the rest.

      Can anyone please check if this can be reproduced?

      This does not happen on my other PC with Windows 10 CU that has a discrete nVidia graphics card.