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    NUC Kit selection suggestion for server programming




      Am planning to use Intel NUC Kits for server programming with Virtualization/Containers.


      Here are my requirements :


      • NUC Kit (1 or 2)
      • i5/i7 Processor should support virtualization (vt-d or vt-x), good enough for a mini-data center(not so pricey)
      • 32GB RAM
      • 500GB SSD
      • Ubuntu latest stable release , for linux distro install
      • Windows install - dualboot , if possible
      • 2 network ports
      • containers(docker) to be used
      • Virtualization / Virtual machines
      • Container orchestration (Kubernetes) to be used
      • Out of the Box Kits are welcome, instead of custom build
      • Personal use, server and virtualization programming


      Optionally, will add more kits of same spec, once the first NUC kit is successful.


      Please throw in your suggestions, Thanks!