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    correct switch from NUC to TV & put into sleep mode at ~80C


      1. When  turn on the NUC (when the TV is running), it automatically switches to the video signal NUC,

      but when  exit from Windows and turn off the NUC, there is no automatic return to show of TV: "There is no signal from the device ..."

      return only through the TV remote: "Forced disconnection of Anynet + devices ..."

      The settings in the TV are correct (automatic detection of Anynet devices, etc.).

      Settingn in BIOS "Auto Turn Off TV" in any value except "default" leads to simultaneous switching off of TV together with NUC.

      Samsung's support service said that the NUC does not send the appropriate signal when turning off.

      What settings need to be made that in case of switching off of NUC there was an automatic return on show of TV?



      With a large load on the processor, for example: simultaneous opening of a lot of "heavy" Internet pages,  leads to an increase in the temperature

      of the processor, as soon as it reaches ~ 77-80 C, there is an automatic transition to sleep mode (turning off the screen, stopping the execution of programs) .

      Why is this related? After all, the maximum temperature is ~ 105 C, in addition there is throttling. Maybe there is some service in windows10 that does this?



      Intel NUC6CAYH

      Samsung UE22h5600

      WDC WD5000LPLX

      KVR16LS11S6/2 x2

      windows10x64 ltsb

      bios: ayaplcel.86A.0029.2016.1124.1625


      Changes in BIOS - switching on in case of supply submission: After Power Failure: Power On

      remaining settings - factory


      data about temparature from  HWiNFO64 ,HWMonitor

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello sheratan,

          Thank you for contacting Intel® technical support.  I will be more than happy to help you.

          About the signal in the television, I am very sorry, but I need to let you know that the Intel® NUC Kit NUC6CAYH is not specifically designed to work with that feature in your television.  This means that we cannot guarantee that it will work, and we do not currently have information about any workaround that you can try.

          About the device entering sleep mode when the processor temperature reaches about 77 degrees, you can check the Windows® power settings and turn off the option to enter sleep mode in your system.  This is actually a strange behavior that seems to be related to the operating system itself.

          I would recommend you to disable the sleep mode and check if the Intel® NUC Kit NUC6CAYH still shuts down when reaching those temperatures.  For a tutorial on how to disable sleep mode, you can check this link: http://bit.ly/2aUzkgu

          Please be aware that the content on the above site is not controlled by Intel®.  This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel® for the merchants or services offered there.


          Xavier A.