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      Hi , I'm getting blue screen error on windows 10.I got it every day when i turn on my computer.

      Here is stop code that i have.


      stop code : CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED



      Is any workaround for fixing this problem ?



      SSD : 1x Samsung SSD 850 EVO (250GB),

      Ram : 2x Cruical CT8G4SFD8213 RAM (2x, 8GB, DDR4-2133, SO-DIMM 260 pin)

      BIOS Version 0052

      Windows Edition: 10 Pro 64-Bit Version 1703

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          According to what I am reading, I see two issues. First of all, you installed Windows 10 in Legacy mode. It is recommended that you use UEFI mode for proper Windows 10 operation. Secondly, it appears that you made changes to the configuration of video memory in the BIOS. It is recommended that you NOT do this. The Windows 10 driver will manage memory allocation automatically; changing the configuration in the BIOS will NOT improve performance and can cause other issues. Bottom line, primary recommendation is to reset the BIOS configuration to defaults and then change ONLY those parameters (boot order, etc.) that are absolutely necessary in order to boot from your system disk. If this does not help with the situation, second recommendation is to reinstall Windows in UEFI mode.


          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Scott,

            According to your advise.

            I'm already reinstall windows in UEFI mode with default BIOS configuration.The stop code "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION" still happening.



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              Microsoft has announced that there is a bug that can cause BSODs in Windows 10 versions prior to the (just made available) production release of the Creator's Update (1609). I suggest that you manually install this update and see if it alleviates the problem...


              Hope this helps,


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                Thank you everyone.I already update patch KB4041676.Then my computer was not encounterd.