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    WDS client keeps losing it's IP address during windows setup, says it can't find DHCP. Ipconfig in winPE shows no network devices


      I've been having a strange and frustrating problem with trying to pxeboot on a wolf pass s2600WF. I have the latest bios installed.

      What happens is that it initially gets an IP and starts loading windows setup, but then it says "WDSclient: an error occurred while obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server. Please check to ensure there is an operating DHCP server on this network segment.". This is using the onboard X722, either port. Same behavior in UEFI or Legacy boot. I have also added all the newest drivers to the boot.wim image I'm using, and that didn't make any difference. When the error occurs, if I go to shift-F10 for windowsPE cmd prompt and do an ipconfig, it lists no adapters and no IP addresses.


      Additionally, I cannot get the board to see an add in I350 card to pxeboot off of, but interestingly enough if I install it and plug both the I350 and the onboard X722 into the switch, it will start the pxe process off of the X722, and then continue it off of the I350, which gets an IP address from the DHCP server. So basically it seems like the X722 just fails to DHCP in WinPE. Unfortunately I do not have access or any insight into the DHCP server. We are also not using AD for anything. Pxeboot works fine for many other servers of many types.


      I also have a similar issue using WDS with syslinux, it works to pxeboot into Red Hat 7.4, but all previous versions time out while trying to pxeboot after initially seeing the server. They work on every other Intel board we have.


      The only BIOS choice for pxe that shows up, no matter if I have an add in card installed or not, is IBA40G Slot 3d00 and 3d01