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    Intel Dynamic Application Loader Update?


      I was update  an Intel product. When I reached the end of the load, I was sent to an Intel site which read:

      "If you have reached this web page, you have probably installed a new Intel management Engine (INTEL ME) software that requires the installation of an additional software application the support the following:

      Intel Identity Protection Technology.

      Intel Dynamic Application Loader"


      I am a consumer client and went to the site to get the Intel IPT Detection Assistant Tool.  Before I could get to the download, my computer screen that had the DriverUpdate I was using showed that it was installing "Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK Intel Management Engine Driver".  At the same time the DriverUpdate displayed a question: Did I want to restart my computer now.


      I'm confused as to what is being downloaded.  It has been running quite a while but has not completed the download.  Should I cancel the download and restart my computer?