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    OC 7900x - 2 cores 30°C hotter than lowest


      Hi there,


      According to Core Temp and HWinfo cores 2 and 8 (which i guess is 3 and 9?), hit 30°C higher than the lowest core under stress testing (Prime95, 12K FFT), after about 90 seconds. They idle around 17°C and don't go above 20°C until 10%+ load. Does this sound like a problem with my thermal paste you think?


      OC is currently at 4.5GHz and voltage set to adaptive. Core 2 is taking 1.274V and core 8 is taking 1.298V (93 and 96°C, respectively). For comparison, core 9 (10?) is taking 1.337V and at 79°C. I'm happy with the pressure on the CPU block being even, although i have no way to test save for tighness of nuts. I'm going to reseat the CPU when the new paste arrives but i'm wondering if this sounds indicative of poor paste application?