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    Intel Raid RMS3AC160 and Intel SSD DC S3520


      Hi guys,


      I have a server with a RAID controller (RMS3AC160) and 24 Intel SSD DC S3520.

      I'm trying to do hardware encryption on SSD (using RAID 50 or 60). I've just installed the Premium Key AXXRPFKDE2 that enables full disk encryption. After setup the key, looks like the controller is encrypted (shows a key in front of the name) and the properties says:

      Drive Security Properties

      Drive security enabled: Yes

      Drive security method: FDE Only

      Drive security capable: Yes


      For the drives says:

      Drive Security Properties

      Full Disk Encryption capable: No

      Secured: No


      Data Protection Properties

      Data Protection: Incapable


      According to info about the drives, they supposed to be capable of full disk encryption.

      Why doesn't encrypt the drives? I've deleted the RAID and created a new one and the option about encryption is grayed out  with no option to choose drive encryption at beginning.

      I want to do hardware encryption, not software encryption. If I use BitLocker is only software and take a lot of time to encrypt.

      Any suggestions for my problem?


      Thank you,