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    Black Screen with Intel Driver on Laptop...and I know why but I can't fix


      Windows did something...Updated my intel driver or updated itself and my laptop screen went black.  I had teamviewer installed so I was able to log in and look around.  Eventually I figured out that the intel driver created a virtual display.  I can't get rid of it.  I've reinstalled windows and it does the same thing as soon as I soon as I reinstall Intel drivers.  I've attached a screenshot showing the problem.  I've tried drivers from Acer and from Intel.  Both do the same thing as soon as I install.  I can disable the Intel drivers and use the basic ones windows comes with but then I can't lower the screen brightness and I feel like I'm going blind.  I'd rather not have that happen.  If any one has any idea I'm open to suggestions.  I need my laptop.

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