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    NUC7i7BNH HDMI stops working, won't work until shut down and power up


      I have a NUC7i7bnh configured with Windows 10X64 and the latest drivers and bios packages from Intel.


      I have the NUC plugged in with 4K HDMI cable directly to a Marantz receiver that supports 4k.  The Marantz then outputs to the TV over 4K HDMI.


      For some reason whenever the NUC is left idle and we turn the TV and equipment off and come back to use it again the HDMI signal is gone.  The NUC is running, I can remote in to it and it is working fine but it is no longer outputting HDMI and it doesn't detect the Marantz as a video display.   If I unplug the 4K HDMI cable from the back of the Marantz and plug back in that will sometimes reset the connection but most of the time not.  The NUC is configured to never go to sleep and it is not going to sleep.


      I cannot begin to describe how awfully disappointing this product is and how it can't even keep a video signal alive....  We basically have to power off the NUC and power it back and then the NUC will appear on the screen again even though the marantz is set to the correct source the entire time.


      There is just no excuse for having HDMI video stop working and having to shut down and power on.  By the way a restart does not fix the issue. You have to actually power off the nuc before it will reinitialize the display.


      The issue is not my marantz or my TV.  Every other component is working perfectly with 4K going through the Marantz.


      Please help me with a resolution on this NUC is basically a brick and I will start RMAing it until they give me a refund for wasting me time with a non working product.


      leaving the Marantz 7703 turned on and set to the NUC source does not fix the issue either.  The NUC clearly stops outputting after a period of time and does not start outputting again until a shut down and power up.


      NUC7i7BNH 4K

      MARANTZ AVR7703 4K

      SONY XBR940D 4K