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    Brand new i5-4690k and damaged IHS?


      Dear Intel Community members,


      I recently bought two new i5-4690K and I noticed something on their IHS. It looks like a small black point, located on the left side, near "V" letter from "Vietnam". When you look closer you can see it's something like a crack. Also, when I touched it, I felt a barely perceptible recess (the surface is not smooth there).


      I bought them in two different official Intel resellers, boxes were sealed from both sides as they should be, so they were brand new.


      I took a pictures from one of it (X544C149), the second one (X544C157) has very similiar damage exactly in the same place (near V letter). Looking on their batch, they left the factory probably at the same time (date of production is 44th week of 2015 year). I haven't tested them yet because I'm a bit afraid. What it could be? Or should I start RMA? Thanks in advence.