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    I219-V 22.7.1 Ethernet Drivers not installing


      This is tearing me apart mentally.


      An issue arose yesterday where my Internet was permanently listed as 'Limited', I've tried everything to right it, I've uninstalled & reinstalled Drivers (Despite the question,) I've used command prompts to flush my IP & DNS. It turned out my issue was because my Drivers were outdated.


      Now for the annoying part-


      No matter which version of the Network Adapter Driver I install, it always reverts to version from April last year, the installation instructions are pointless at this point as nothing changes, I need to be pointed in the right direction before I take my PC in to get looked at.


      I just want to get my work done, it should not be this hard to fix such a minute problem.


      The problem with my Ethernet started yesterday after I gave Administrator access to my Normal PC account, after that Windows Apps kept requesting an Internet Connection to work, it baffled me as I was currently on YouTube as I let it load, I looked to my bottom right corner to see that my Ethernet icon had disappeared, turns out my Internal IP & DNS had disappeared & my PC doesn't know what to do with itself as it keeps listing version as the most recent version of the Driver (in the pic I provide below.)


      Thanks in advance to those who help out.

      Screenshot 2017-10-09 19.32.png