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    AC 3165 brings down entire WiFi network for the house?


      Hello everyone, I have a laptop using the wireless AC 3165 network card, and I have successfully updated it to the newest version, (Driver date 8/3/2017), this has fixed many problems for me, but a few problems still linger. If anyone has any insight that would be appreciated.



      • WiFi performance stops and starts (without the WiFi disconnecting), ranging from 2MB/s to 25KB/s
      • If anyone else is using WiFi actively, the entire WiFi network goes down, WiFi speeds drop to 0KB/s for everyone but wired internet connectivity stays unchanged.
        • Once I disconnect from the home WiFi network, everyone else's speeds shoot back up to normal


      Fixes Tried:

      • Reformatting my computer
      • Uninstalling driver, reinstalling manually
      • Unchecked "Allow computer to turn this device off to save power" in Device Manager
      • Wireless Adapter Power Saving set to "Maximum Performance" in all power schemes
      • Connecting to 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi
      • Resetting Wireless Router
      • Two WLAN reports attached below, both show the network being disconnected by the driver
      • Resetting TCP/IP by netsh int/winsock reset commands


      Some Info about my setup:

      • Laptop: Jumper EZBook 3 Plus
        • I've talked to others who have the same laptop I do, they have poor WiFi range, but nothing so severe as the entire WiFi network going down
      • Router: D-Link DIR-810L Wireless AC
      • 100MBPs down, 10 MBPs up cable internet
      • Wireless driver U-APSD Support is disabled
      • Wireless driver