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    System Showing Wrong Core Count for i7 7700k


      here is my configurations

      intel i7 7700k

      32 GB RAM

      250 GB SSD

      1TB HDD

      1080ti GPU

      Asus Strix Z270E MOBO


      Just few days ago i build my machine, i purchased intel i7 7700k on 28sep,2017 instaled it on 2nd of October, It perform well for 3 days after that applications start lagging crashing, Suddenly i opened task manager "Performance Tab" and found only one core working, i was shook because i saw only 1 physical core and 1 thread is working. i searched on internet ,Found nothing, tried msconfig but failed. Also tried intel Processor Diagnosis, nothing happend. They all Showing There is only 1 core 1 thread, But Device manager showing 8 processors.  I'm Freaking out What the hell is going on, There Should be 4 Physical cores and 8 Threads. i attached screenshots. Plz Help me as soon as possible to find out whats is going on with it.