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    install older drivers from command line


      We have an issue with the latest intel wireless drivers (v19.71.1.1) and need to install a wireless driver from v19.20.3.  The current installer will not allow an older version to be installed (Wireless_v19.20.3_PROset64_Win10.exe).  Understandable, since the PROset would be v19.20.3.


      What I need is a method to export the drivers from the exe "installer" and add them into the Windows 10 driver repository.  Windows 10 requires "signed" drivers so simply exporting the drivers from a Windows 10 device is not possible.  "PNPUtil" can be used if a "signed driver" set can be either exported or downloaded.




      Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)

      intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260

      intel PROset64 v19.71.1.1

      Drivers:  v19.71.1.1, v19.70.0.0, v19.60.0.0 (install from v19.71.1.1 EXE).


      What I am currently doing is uninstalling all of v19.71.1.1, installing package v19.20.3.4, running the update from Microsoft, updates send the version back to v19.71.1.1, (or force the update from intel "Wireless_v19.71.1_PROset64_Win10.exe") do a driver rollback to v19.70.0.0, then force the driver to v19.20.3.4.  Note:  Drivers included in the v19.20.3 include:  v19.20.3.4 and v19.1.0.4).  At this point, since the PROset software is v19.71.1, Windows update is satisfied that the correct software and driver are correct, no Windows update, no change in driver version.




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