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    memory thrm related warnings/errors on vmware.


      We are experiencing the following warnings/errors and are wondering how we can prevent them.



      From Vmware 6.5 directly on Host:


      Health of other changed from green to red . Sensor name: Memory Module 2 DIMM Thrm Mrgn 2 ---

      Health of other changed from red to green. Sensor name: Memory Module 4 DIMM Thrm Mrgn 4 ---



      Intel 2600TPR within H2224 Chassis



      BIOS ID : SE5C610.86B.01.01.0022.062820171903

      BMC FW Rev : 1.50.10802

      Boot FW Rev : 1.07

      SDR Package Version : SDR Package 1.17



      DIMM Thrm Mrgn 1 Normal OK -51 degrees C

      DIMM Thrm Mrgn 2 Normal Unknown Not Available

      DIMM Thrm Mrgn 3 Normal OK -57 degrees C

      DIMM Thrm Mrgn 4 Normal Unknown Not Available


      From IPMI we see Sensor 2 and 4 not being available ....is this normal?


      Can anyone clarify if this is normal behaviour?