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    BrandString Test Fail??


      I have recently just upgraded my e8400 to q8400 and when i do the IDPT test the Brandstring fials pleas help me and my computer thinks its a dual core but its a aquad     



      Intel Core 2 quad q8400 2.6 ghz

      2gb Ram

      Windows 7 Pro

      80 gb HDD

      Gt 710(bit over kill)


      How do i fix?

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          Al Hill

          Do you know if your motherboard BIOS supports the q8400?

          if so, did you upgrade the BIOS prior to installing the q8400?


          An upgrade processor must be socket, BIOS, and chipset compatible.


          Check with your motherboard manufacturer to see if the q8400 is supported on their bios.



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