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    Hard drives will not spin down or sleep after 10 mins, Windows 10 / Intel RST issue


      I'm having storage / backup crisis as my PC only have 2 ssd running in RAID 0 and no other drives for backups. I have setup up the drives mode as RAID in the bios and have the latest bios, drivers for the motherboard chip set and Intel rapid storage technology

      Today I have picked up 2 Seagate 2TB HDDS for backup proposes and setup them up in RAID 1 and after configuring the drives. I cannot have the drives to turn off after 10mins but the drives are still spinning as the drives are unused and in idle state.

      The reason why i would like to have the drives turned off when not using is because they are noisy but not faulty by any mean but the NZXT H440 does a poor job keeping the noise down.

      Windows 10 having problems keeping the drives into sleep mode, I have tried reinstalling the drivers but no success even disabling windows index search thing.

      Windows 7 never had any problems with the drives going to stand by.

      I had no idea whats the fix for this as I have searched for hours for solutions.

      Specs i7 4790k, MSI Gaming 3 z97, x2 Samsung 500GB EVO RAID 0, x2 Seagate Barracuda 2TB RAID 1, 16GB Corsair ram, GTX 970, Win 10 PRO