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    DG35EC with Windows 7


      I am having two problems running Windows 7 64-bit on a DG35EC board:


      1. I am not able to fully populate memory with 4 2GB sticks.  When I add the 4th DIMM the system slows down to a crawl.  The DIMM is NOT bad and I am running the latest BIOS.

      2. When using the latest 64-bit video driver, my primary monitor randomly toggles on / off.  Second (extended desktop) monitor has NO problems.


      I also noticed that the Intel driver detection program does not correctly identify the video driver.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Please try the following steps:


          Try to perform a BIOS recovery to version 0113 you can download this version here:




          For intrucctions in order to perform a BIOS recover check the following URL:



          After performing the BIOS recovery,  populate all memory slots of the desktop board.

          If the problem continues, test different memory on the desktop board, you can check the list of supported memory for your desktop board here:






          In regards your second problem, remove the video drivers currently install on the system and the install these drivers:



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            Sergio, thank you for your reply!


            I am not having luck with either of your suggestions so far:


            1. I downloaded the .BIO file and wrote it to a CD.  I powered down the PC and removed the jumper and then rebooted, but nothing happens.  Nothing on the screen, even after the 2-5 minutes suggested in the document.  I let if run over night and I am still at BIOS version ECF3510M.86A.0118.2010.0113.1426

            2. I also downloaded the graphics driver you referenced and it appeared to be the same version I was using, but uninstalled the existing and updated with the one your provided.  This did not make a difference either.  Did notice that this ONLY impacts the digital video connection in my multi-monitor setup no matter if the digitial connection is primary or secondary.

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              You can try to clear the CMOS of your desktop board, to do this, please remove power to the motherboard, all cables and the RTC (Real Time Clock) battery for 45 minutes. After this period of time, insert the battery back in and turn the system back on.

              Once you clear the system CMOS, try to perform the BIOS recovery again.


              Also try using different memory on your system, you can check the list of tested memory for the DG35EC here:





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                I had the same issue with trying to run more than 4GB in the DG35EC board and found after some googling that you need to roll back the bios to revision 0116.  This revision will support 8GB memory no problem.

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                  Tried clearing the CMOS, but still unable to downgrade the BIOS.


                  Again, I downloaded the .BIO file and placed it on a CD.  Powered down the PC, removed the power cable, removed the jumper, reapplied power, booted, only get a brief hit on the CD drive and then a blank screen.


                  Also, the graphics driver provided did not resolve the screen flashing problem.  Again, this problem only effects the digital display NOT the analog screen in my extended desktop.

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                    1.Try to use tested memory, you can check the list of tested memory  here:




                    If after using tested memory the problem continues, try the BIOS recovery using an USB thumb drive:


                    1. In order to perform a BIOS recovery on your system you need to copy the BIOS recovery on the root of your USB pen drive.


                    You can download the BIOS recovery file at the following url:




                    2. Connect the USB to your desktop board.


                    3. Remove the BIOS Configuration Jumper.



                    4. Power the system on.


                    5. Wait 5-10 minutes for the update to complete. When the usb drive LED is lit, the system is copying the recovery code into the FLASH device.


                    6. System will either turn off when the recovery process is completed or it will prompt you to turn off the system.


                    7. Remove the USB pen drive.


                    8. Place the BIOS configuration jumper to normal position


                    9. Restart system


                    Complete instructions on how to perform a BIOS recovery can be found at this link:




                    Now, in regards you second problem, be aware the Windows 7  has not been fully validated on you desktop board, All board features (audio, video, LAN, etc.) may not be supported

                    For testing purposes try a different operating system, for more information check here:



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                      I was never able to get the recovery BIOS working correctly.  I ran the update (downgrade) from within Windows 7 and was successfully able to go from 0118 to 0113.  That has indeed resolved the ability to use the full 8GB of RAM without any peformance problems.


                      I understand about the graphics issue, but hope that Intel will continue to update the drivers for these older boards to support the newer operating systems.


                      Thanks again for your assistance.............Bruce

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                        You are more than welcome.

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                          I have DG 35EC MOBO with Intel Q8200 quad core processor, Windows 7 Home Premium 32Bit. System had 2x 2GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM modules. Everything was fine; recently I decided to go for 64Bit OS, thus, I added another 4 GB of RAM (2xGB) as the motherboard is capable supporting 8GB of DDR2 RAM. But, after increasing RAM spec system often encounters BSOD. I know, that with 32 Bit OS, only 3.24GB will be utilized but, I never thought that my system would encounter frequent BSOD. with latest BIOS ver (.118) I was not able to run repair or re-install Win7 Home Premium 32 Bit. Then, I rolled back the BIOS ver. to 113 (older BIOS ver.) after this I was able to re-install the OS. After this, frequency of BSOD has gone down but it still comes back, it really drives me NUTS. Let me tell you about the symptom, when I am playing any video/audio file either on VLC or Win media player, all of a sudden screen turns black, on system tray a message pops up "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"(in Blue font) and below this line "Display driver Intel Graphic Accerator Drivers for Windows Vista(R) stopped responding and has successfully recovered" (in smaller font) appears 3/4 times and then BSOD with message "ATTEMPT TO RESET THE DISPLAY DRIVER AND RECOVER FROM TIME OUT FAILED" All RAM modules are same ADATA 2 GB DDR2 800 Mhz (latency 5.5.5). Please, throw some light on the matter as I badly need help. This issue pops up when I try to run 3/4 application at a time. I updated my system with latest GFX driver from intel website that didn't help so, later I removed it as windows 7 has generic drivers. after doing this I checked with Intel's on line driver detection software, it showed that my system had Please help me, in one of your posts you wrote that this DG35EC not properly tested with Windows 7, but my point is that it runs with Windows 7 very well when I have 4GB of RAM. Problem starts when I increase the RAM to 8GB; I have checked all the sticks individually, also in different motherboards. Moreover, Intel website also suggest using ADATA RAM modules. It seems, problems lies with Graphic Hardware/Graphic Driver Software. Can I overcome this issue by installing latest graphic card ? If so, please suggest few names. Should I go for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, Please suggest & Please help.




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                            i need intel driver