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    NUC Labs in Israel


      are there any labs that support Nuc's in Israel?


      (i have a D54250WYK  and its fan is malfunctioning)

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          No, sorry, the NUC team is split between Oregon USA and Taiwan.


          What kind of problem are you having?


          The blowers used in most NUCs are stock parts and can be purchased from third-party sources that deal directly with the fan manufacturers. Try doing a search using the information on the blower's label.



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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi Dorit,

            I understand the fan on the Intel® NUC D54250WYK is not working properly. Let me help you with this problem.
            If you are looking for warranty service for the Intel® NUC due to fan failure and if this is still under warranty period, please open a request ticket at your local warranty support team, follow this link (UK) for contact information.

            Hope it helps.
            Allan J.

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              thanks for the replay -  the fan just started rattling.


              Per you recommendation located a replacement part - I hope it will solve the problem