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    x25-M - Linux + Raid0 + Trim..


      I have spent the last 4 sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get a WIDE range of Linux Distros to support/optimize TRIM in my 2x X25-M drives in Raid0. I have been working with Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Server (9.10 and also 10.4), both with Ext4, latest Kernel (which supposively has TRIM support enabled - heard conflict reports?).


      For the life of me, it seems SSDs are just to new to both Windows/Linux worlds - the number of optimzations I've had to follow:


      - Alignment of earse blocks

      - Changing of I/O Schedulers to 'noop' or 'deadline'

      - Addition of 'noatime' and 'nodiratime'

      - Moving logs off to RAMDisk

      - Recompiling of latest Kernels

      - Disabling Swap

      - Firmware is latest (FYI)


      ... The list is endless - so I come here, with hope that users of this board would be able to point me in the right direction to get things up and running.