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    Intel Celeron N2840 Driver for Windows 7?


      I recently installed Windows 7 Pro onto a Lenovo Flex 3 2-in-1. The processor is an Intel Celeron N2840. All drivers loaded except those for:


      Intel Atom/Celeron Pentium Processor Serial IO I2C Port 1 0F41

      GPIO Controller


      Lenovo does not offer a W7 download for this. Currently the CPU works fine but I am without USB support. When I scanned the system from your site it says the system is up-to-date. I downloaded what I think is the correct driver from your site:


      Intel Atom E3800 Win7 IO Drivers 64Bit.msi


      When I try to run, it processes and installs and then performs a rollback at the end saying the operation was interrupted. I repeated the installation and the same kept happening. Am  I using the correct file? I read the pdf and am not using the SD, so I suppose I am on step 4 e. Can someone help me?