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    NUC6i7KYK Fan Noise


      Hey Everyone,


      This seems to be a fairly common issue, but I'm experiencing a huge amount of fan noise on my NUC6i7KYK.

      I've tried:

      • Updating all software/drivers and restarting
      • Clearing out the fan with compressed air
      • Unscrewing the blower, lifting it gently, and ensuring that no cables are hitting the fan


      This began to occur around the same time as I updated the bios, but I'm not certain how soon after the bios upgrade this issue first presented.


      I've attached a picture of the board, along with a noise sample taken from the device.


      Any advice or suggestions on how to fix this would be wonderful

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          Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the update of the BIOS to cause issues in a NUC's BIOS configuration (including fan speed control programming). In fact, I *always*, *always*, *always* completely reprogram the BIOS configuration after applying a BIOS update. That is, I immediately use F2 to enter BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS) and then F9 to load the BIOS configuration defaults. I then make only the changes to the configuration absolutely necessary for the hardware (boot order, SATA Mode, etc. - and yes, fan speed control programming). Don't forget to save the configuration as you exit Visual BIOS.


          I am not a fan of the preset fan speed control programming choices in many of the NUCs, but the KY NUC's is especially poor. Here is my recommended configuration:

          Give it a try and see if it helps,