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    intel graphics 520 , FPS DOWN , help me please , today forme , tomorrow for you :C


      Dood greetings to the company of intel and its customers, I came to consult solution for my recent problem, about 1 week ago I have noticed a drastic change in my PC because of one of its products, less than 1 year ago buy a HP 14am012la notebook intel core i5 sixth generation, 6200U, 2.4Ghz 4 cores, 4 Ram, intel graphics HD 520, always played in this PC games that are totally bearable and never had problems with them, and that even in the game in minimal graphics or maximas I have not had problems until 1 week ago, the results that through the mail of the game is normal and one moment another FPS (frames per second) I get down to 1, for a time of 20 sec, all the time being the game in total calm, then it becomes normal, I thought it was latency, but I bought it and it is not so, intrigued by the problem find out for my part in tutorials and download programs that diagnosed me, the programs made me a diagnosis , where it shows me that a place where you can graph its temperature goes up to 100 degrees, and when that happens the FPS are lowered me right away, I do not know what to do, please help me. , also in the programs you download looking tutorials says in the GPU load goes up to 100% so I do not know what the problem is.