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    SR300 2016 R3 SDK - ExecutionEngineException: SIGILL


      Dear Community,


      I recently tried to update my projects from the RealSense SDK 2016 R2 to the newer version of the SDK 2016 R3.

      So I followed this guide A Guide To Setting up RealSense SDK 2016 R3 In Unity - Many thanks to MartyG for providing this really helpful guide.

      With this guide everything worked fine and I could get the RawStreams.unity example to run without any problems.

      But as I'm working with face tracking in my project I also installed the part of the SDK and imported the unity package for face tracking into the project.

      Then I tried, regarding to this part of the documentation: Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R3 Documentation, to get the face tracking running.

      As soon as I implement these two lines of code into the project:

      FaceModule face = FaceModule.Activate(sm);
      FaceData data = face.CreateOutput();

      and run the project I'll get the following error message:

      ExecutionEngineException: SIGILL


      I already searched for it on google and the only thing i could found was to change the CPU from 3rd to 4th generation, but my PC already has a 4th generation CPU.


      Is there anything I can do, to get this stuff working again?

      Thank you all for your help.

      Kind Regards,



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          I'm glad you found the guide for using Unity with R3 helpful.  I am currently experimenting with integrating the DLL file of the new RealSense SDK 2.0 with Unity. 


          Unfortunately, it is a known issue that face tracking has problems in R3 when the Essentials module and Face module are used together.  As development of the face tracking module for Windows has ceased, the only remedy recommended by Intel is to develop face tracking applications in the R2 SDK.  There used to be an article about it in the permanent 'sticky' messages at the top of the forum front page.


          Known Issue: Crash in libpxcface_idc.dll in RealSense SDK R3


          Are you using an F200 camera with R3? If so, a 4th generation processor would be fine.  The SR300 camera desires at least a 6th generation processor though.