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    Ubuntu on STK1A32SC's - Purple Screen or No Signal


      We're running about 10 STCK1A8LFC's which have been great after the 35 version bios update.  However, our STK1A32SC's have bios 35 but aren't as consistent despite their better performance when they have successfully booted up.


      Sometimes it's not 'black screen' it's simply no output.  The Ubuntu "Purple Screen of Death" is the most common state reached on the STK1A32SC's.


      We're using them in a digital signage capacity plugged into dozens of different models of TV.  For us having constant output is very important. (e.g the device should provide a signal even if rebooted while the TV is switched off or doesn't have its input currently selected.)


      Funny the unsupported model is running more solid than the supported one.


      Anyone have any advice on this?

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