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    Problems with 4 x SSD 530 series




      We have been using the SSD 530 for a while now in some production units. Now i have 4 drives that have failed during a short amount of time in 4 different systems around the world.

      The system compailns about bad superblocks on our RW partition (sda7) when trying to boot linux. (same error on all failed drives)


      I have checked the drives with intel ssd toolbox, and it reports healthy drives. But when trying to do a scan for errors it fails on 15%.

      We have not had any problems with these in the past and have not had any changes to how our file system is built for the last 3 years. We have 100+ systems with intel SSDs around the world and most of them never had any problems with the SSD.


      So i am suspecting a problem with the batch of drives we got for our last buy. And i would like to figure out what is the root cause since we have 25+ systems in the field with drives bought in the same time period.


      Serial numbers for 3 of the drives:






      Any feedback are welcome.