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    Need Some Advice


      Ok so I now have a masive headach after spending all day trying to get my new CPU to work in this crap laptop.

      The laptop is a advent 7108 its a clone of the ECS G335 at the moment it only has a seleron M 410 in and I wnted toupgrade to dual core and 64BIT so after doing much reserch I perchased a core2duo T5600 but I dont seem able to get it to work, after fitting it and powering on the laptop there is just a blank black screen, no beeps nothing wont even post to bios screens.


      Acording to the G335 user manual it will support a 2 core 64bit intell.

      Can someone please tellmewhy it wont work.


      Here is a past of some stuff taken from CPU-Z with the current celleron M installed


      Chipset i943/940GML

      southbridge 820801GHM (ICH7-M/U)


      however this website the one I got information from before buying the CPU says that the chipset is a 945GM express.


      So please can you tellme why the new CPU the T5600 will not work I have tested it in another laptop and it is not dead it works