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    Cannot change preferred band for driver deployment to several computers


      I am looking to configure the advanced adapter settings for the wireless 8260 adapters and deploy to several systems.

      Here is what I have done:

      • I have created a wireless profile on a test machine with all the settings and saved it - size is 3KB.
      • Next I used the Intel wireless proset tool to create a package to include the advanced NIC settings. ( I click on Administer -> create a new package -> imported the profile-> included the advanced settings)
      • I save the package - then I click "Apply to this computer". Or I can even double click on the saved package.
      • it applies three out of the four settings that I had configured - HT mode, Roaming aggressivness, Adhoc QOS mode, but, the Preferred band is not applied.


      Preferred band, I believe is a per SSID setting - we have to create a profile, include it in there and then import this profile in the package? Do we know why the preferred band setting is not changed? Or is there a different way to apply the preferred band setting?


      I did read a previous post about setting the preferred band to 5Gz redirecting to a link to create a profile and include it in there -I followed the steps but couldnt get it working - may be something I did wrong?


      Appreciate your help. Thanks.