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    VMQ on Intel X710-T4 and Windows Server 2016


      Hello Everyone,

      I have run into a huge problem on a new server build. I have a Dell PowerEdge R730xd and purchased an Intel X710-T4 4 port 10gbase-t NIC for use with Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2016.


      When I enable VMQ (Virtual Machine Queues) on the port it drops the throughput down significantly, on a 10 gigabit port it brings it down to a around 35MB/sec. When I disable VMQ it goes back up to using the full bandwidth of the port.


      I am running the latest Intel drivers off of the Intel download website for Windows Server 2016.


      I know that VMQ had been a huge problem with Broadcom NICs and Hyper-V in the past. I use Intel X540-T2 NICs in some of my other servers and they work fine, so this appears to be some issue with the X710-T4.


      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!