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    NUC7i5BNHX1 problem with ® Optane™ Memory


      i've just bought this nuc to reuse my ssd from my dead laptop.

      the only problem is that it boots window 10 only if the chipset SATA option is set to AHCI, if i set to Intel Optane it looks for other media but doesn't see my hard drive nor boots windows.

      With this problem i can't neither install the optane memory software.

      is there a way to set the correct SATA option and boot on my windows hard drive without reinstalling the os?

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          You have the Optane module installed in the M.2 slot and your SSD in the 2.5" bay correct?


          The Optane software will change the settings for you when you enable it.  Leave your system set for AHCI, boot into Windows and install the Optane software.  When you run the software and select Enable, the system will work for a moment and then ask to restart. When you do this it should boot into Windows using "RST with Optane" mode and you should be good to go.  Wait a few minutes for the system to settle down and then reboot and you should notice it is much faster. You may not see as much of a speed increase since you are using an SSD already. Works best if you have a spinning HDD.




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            the optane software cannot be installed, it says "Bios configuration not supported, and not compatible with optane memory", so i think i need to change it manually.



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              Are you running in Legacy Mode? Do you have UEFI Boot disabled in the BIOS? Optane requires UEFI Boot as the default. What BIOS revision are you on?



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