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    Odd Benchmark Results


      Im bench marking the 6700HQ vs the 7700HQ and in all of my tests the Intel graphics 530 on the 6700 outperformed the Intel 630 on the 7700....also the 6700 beat out the 7700 core in some of my other benchmarks too....am i doing something wrong or is this just a really crappy upgrade (Downgrade?)

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          Al Hill

          Interesting.  What two machines are you using for the benchmark?  Provide full model number.  We need to check the memory, chipset, etc.


          To do a fair comparison, the two machines would have to be identical in every way, except the processor.  The amount of memory, the speed of the memory, the chipset, the disk drive, etc.  Otherwise, you are not doing a fair comparison.   And, since these processors are soldered to the motherboard, you must be using two different machines.


          Also, here is a comparison of the two processors, for what it is worth.

          Intel® Product Specification Comparison



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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello ByronArclight,


            Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities. I understand you have a question related to benchmarks.



            I just wanted to do a follow up on this post and wondered, do you happen to have further questions about this matter?


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