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    Clear UEFI & Secure Boot


      Hi there,


      Working with Device Guard on NUC5i5MYBE´s and having a problem clearing UEFI and Secure Boot data after some tests with UEFI lock and signed policies...


      The problem is that the NUC is not able to boot from UEFI devices with Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS/Firmware, if I disable Secure Boot everything works in legacy mode (Before the UEFI Lock, everything worked with UEFI and Secure Boot from DVD, USB and PXE boot in UEFI mode.


      To reset to NUC i did a BIOS Recovery by the Security Jumper and a USB device with the latest BIOS currently 038, and even after this it seems like there is some information left in the BIOS


      In did reproduced this on another NUC with same result, so now I have 2 NUC´s that cannot boot using UEFI Secure Boot


      So, any input on how to clear the UEFI, Secure Boot?


      Kind Regards



      Jesper Hanno