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    New laptop advice please


      Hi all

      Im buying a new laptop and I'm not so good with tech and need some advice please! I plan to use it for office tasks like excel, and light gaming (old games really). They seem to have lowered the base clock for the new 8th gen processors


      I have 2 choices -


      1) i5-8250u, gpu: 940mx 4gb gddr5

      2) i7-8550u, same gpu as 1)


      I would like to get the i5 version, my question is will the i5 version run well/normally with this gpu? The base clock is 1.6 boosting to 3.4.  If no, is it worth getting the i7 version? I mean there seems to be only a slight performance increase (base clock of 1.8 and boosting to 4.0). Does the base clock really matter given the boost? Like I say, I would prefer to get the i5 version.