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    Wired Ethernet 82579 fails on boot since win10 update Sept17


      Hi there.  Hope you can Help?


      Intel 82579 Network adaptor fails to start on Boot since latest Win10 update (Sept 2017 - major re-build "Creators update?").

      Wifi comes on, but I have to restart the PC for the ethernet to be found. Then it works fine.


      I've updated, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers

      (Latest "driver updates" from Intel were last week, installed ethernet driver shown as July 2016 : )


      I've turned off "energy efficiency" mode and also RSS following a recent thread
      I've enabled legacy switch compatibility
      I've set Linkspeed to forced



      Mobo is Asus P8Z68-V running i7-2600k chip and 16gB RAM, - getting on but plenty of life left in this - don't plan to change kit for some time.
      BIOS, chipset and other drivers all up to date.


      I really don't want to have to Boot and then Re-boot my desktop every day for the next few years!


      Any help much appreciated