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    dg41rq problem with boot

      hello all

      im pavan 2 months back bought pc with dg41rq on it with 4 gb ram and e7500 processor, till today it was working good, now during boot it stops after showing 50....prior it used to show 51 50 eb and then used to boot to OS, now it hangs in there at 50 and wont enter to os please help me with this issue..no card reader or usb is attached thanking you in advance

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          Hi, Pavanmm:

          Did you make any change to your system? Code 50/51 is related to PCI bus

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            hi pavan i also face the same problem with this board when i checked the hardware then i fond that the hard disk is over heating so i shutdown my pc and reset the bios by jumper setting but this dont work completly my system start to boot but hardware start to work worngly like my mouse write button were not working and also disk data show in diffrent dvd rom then i format my system again and again as 10 times now my system is fine not completly but it is now working slower and also mouse responce slowly when i single click then it will take it as double when u get the solution of this problem pls give me also that solution my email id is madan.gks@gmail.com

            thank u